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This page attempts to turn the CaLP Glossary into a Cash and Voucher Programming (CVP) Taxonomy. CVP Modalities have been converted into a hierarchical taxonomy below. You will see that each term to the left Is Broader Than the terms to the right. In other words, all terms further down the tree can be aggregated up to the broader term. Conversely, reading from the right to the left, each term Is Narrower Than, or Is a Type of the term to its left. Click on the circles to expand/hide branches of the mindmap, and hover over terms to see more definitions.

Cash and Voucher Programming Modalities (Hierarchical relationships)

Examples of how to read this diagram:

Cash and Voucher Programming (Associative Relationships)

Many terms within CVP are Associative rather than Hierarchical. The Tableau Visualisation below aims to show how taxonomies can be used to explain hierarchical and associative relationships. It also shows how terms used by different organizations can be included in taxonomies to enable humans and computers to easily translate between terms, which is vital for humanitarian collaboration. Use the dropdown lists at the top of the visualization to view terms used by CaLP/IFRC, and then use the dropdown lists towards the bottom right to view related terms from CaLP/IFRC, and filter terms by other attributes.